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MEO Encryption Software 2.18

Tiny yet efficient utility to encrypt your most sensitive documents and e-mails
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In a world where cyber thefts are becoming more and more common and easier to perform, a tiny and efficient tool, such as MEO Encryption Software can not only protect your data by using powerful encryption mechanisms, but also help you distribute it in a secure and convenient way. Its support for Blowfish encryption and the possibility of creating self-extracting files are MEO’s two main assets.

Wrapped up in a small and simple interface, this encryption utility offers you a wizard-based file encryption option that will allow you to produce secure files in a snap, an e-mail encryption tool, and a straightforward decryption utility. The file encryption wizard will allow you to pack any number of files and folders into a securely locked new file with the .meo extension. Alternatively, you can choose to create a self-extracting EXE file, more suitable for easy distribution. You have the option to compress the documents and folders in the encrypted file on the fly, thus saving you not only worries but also valuable space and allowing you to send a large number of files in a single attachment. You can choose between Blowfish and DES encryption algorithms just before adding a password to your encrypted archive.

Encrypting and sending an e-mail is just as simple and easy. The process is very similar, though it takes place in an all-in-one window where you can write (or paste) your message, add an attachment to it, and compress, encrypt, and password-protect your locked file just before sending it out.

Decrypting MEO files is as simple as it comes – select the .meo file to open, select a destination folder, and enter the right password. The files will be decompressed (if needed) and ready to be used in the location of your choice.

MEO Encryption Software makes encryption and decryption processes look simple – just the way they should always be as seen from the user’s side. Certainly a tool worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-based file encryption
  • Simple and straightforward interface
  • Encrypts and sends e-mails
  • Password-protects your encrypted files
  • Supports Blowfish encryption
  • Creates self-extracting EXE files for easy distribution of encrypted data


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